NHL News: Marc Savard To Miss 2011-2012, May Never Play Hockey Again

It's been a horrible offseason when it comes to sad events in hockey. And after the absolutely heartbreaking news about Wade Belak's tragic death, the hockey world was struck another blow today. The Boston Bruins have announced that center Marc Savard won't play this upcoming season due to continuing concussion issues.

There are also suggestions that it's very likely Savard's career will be over.

Since Matt Cook's vicious hit on Savard back in March of 2010, he has never been abele to shake concussion syndromes. In January 2011 Savard received another blow to the head, when he fell into the boards awkwardly against the Colorado Avalanche. Just a few weeks later he was shelved for the season.

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The NHL did attempt to make strides to limit blows to the head after the Cooke hit, but it was too little, too late in Savard's case.

The problem with this situation is so little of it actually has to do with hockey. Forget the fact that Savard's career is probably over, and he won't ever be able to play the game he loves at the professional level. There is a life outside of hockey, and that life includes having a wife, raising some kids and simply living your life. All things that become harder and harder to do with a concussion.

Here's to hoping that Savard makes a quick and full recovery. Although NHL life might not be in the cards for the former New York Ranger, hopefully he can get things back on track and live a healthy life.

As of this month, however, he was still feeling symptoms of the concussion. Savard spoke to TSN on August 1st, his day with the Stanley Cup, and had this to say:

"It's obviously been a long road for me; I'm still suffering with a lot of daily issues right now, it's been a tough go," said Savard. "I'm just trying to get through and not worry about hockey right now, just worry about my health because I have three young kids and they're important to me."

It's sad, but mostly, it's chilling to see Savard still suffering from the symptoms. He's not the only player with long-term concussion issues either, and hopefully some of the rules and regulations the NHL put into place help eradicate this problem from the league permanently.