NHL News: Nassau Referendum Vote Not Looking Good for Islanders

When discussing the polling so far in today's referendum vote that will potentially spell out the future of the New York Islanders, a voting representative said the turnout has been "abysmally low". This is what the Islanders wanted, hence the reason they had the vote held on August 1 as opposed to election day. But all updates that have been released to the public so far have not been in favor of the Isles, or hockey in general for that matter.

According to Chris Botta, less than 10-percent of Nassau County's registered voters will actually hit the polls today to cast their vote. In the towns of Garden City and Mineola (both with a large population), a combined 110 people have casted votes so far. 110! More people have visited this site in the past hour.

Newsday reporter Randi Marshal says the vote in New Hyde Park has seen "No's" outnumber "Yes's" by a 3:1 ratio. As for all of Nassau County, it is believed that among the low turnout, there have been more No's than Yes's to this point, but of course those numbers are unofficial at this time.

Obviously the increase in taxes is a major factor here, but many people also do not trust the project and more importantly, don't trust owner Charles Wang. This may be a result of Wang's continuous campaigning towards Isles fans - who would have voted yes without his support - instead of reaching out to the common public who are not interested in hockey.

Polls are open until 9 p.m. this evening so there is still time for things to change. But for now, today's referendum vote does not seem to be in favor of the New York Islanders/Nassau Coliseum and their future on Long Island.