NHL News: NHL opens investigation into Capitals steroid allegations

The Washington Post is reporting that the NHL has begun interviewing Capitals employees and members of the team's medical and training staffs as it investigates allegations made by a Florida man arrested last week on steroid charges.

Here is the story from the Post

Also, in case you were wondering, the NHL does test for performance enhancing drugs.

From the CBA put into place in 2005:

Per the agreement, every NHL player will be subject to up to two "no-notice" tests every year, with at least one such test to be conducted on a team-wide basis. Players will be subject to "no-notice" testing at any time.

Punishments for Violations:

For the first positive test, a 20-game suspension without pay and mandatory referral to the League's Substance Abuse/Behavioral Health Program for evaluation, education and possible treatment.

For the second positive test, a 60-game suspension without pay.

For the third positive test, a permanent suspension. A player receiving a third positive test and a permanent suspension from play in the League will, however, be eligible to apply for reinstatement after two years. The application would be considered by an NHLPA/NHL Committee on Performance Enhancing Substances, comprised of an equal number of League and Player representatives as well as one consulting expert physician nominated by each party.

The complete policy regarding performance enhancers can be found here.

Something interesting I found on the NHLPA website regarding the policy:


  • The Committee agreed on the performance-enhancing substances list maintained by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for out-of-competition testing. Changes to the items included on the Prohibited List can only be as negotiated by the NHL and NHLPA.