Morning Bantering Points: It's Almost Here, The Light At The End of The Tunnel

The offseason was so, so long...but thankfully it's almost over.

We made it guys, we made it through the somewhat exciting but mostly dull month of July and then the excruciatingly boring month of August and now it's almost time for real, actual NHL hockey. With the prospect tournaments fully underway and training camps opening up this week, hockey fans around the world can start getting excited. It's about time we can all start thinking about actual hockey again.

I guess I should go through some "highlights" of the offseason:

  • Really love that Bobby Ryan trade that Ottawa made (although it feels like it happened three years ago). Give the Senators a lot of credit, they are going to be a very good hockey team this year.
  • If you guys are on twitter, start following as many Toronto Maple Leaf bloggers as you can (especially the crew from Pension Plan Puppets) because the Dave Nonis vs Phil Kessel/Dion Phaneuf/Sanity battle this season is gonna be so much fun
  • Man, if any GM had the stones to actually use the totally legal offer sheet system the Rangers, Leafs and Blues would be in trouble thanks to Derek Stepan, Nazem Kadri and Alex Pietrangelo still left as unsigned RFAs.
  • Speaking of GMs with stones ...WELCOME BACK BURKIE. I love Brian Burke and I'm not ashamed of it.
  • Also, what is this new thing of not firing terrible general managers and having them basically be the new GM's go-fer boy. Greg Sherman now answers to Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic in Colorado and now Jay Feaster (who has won a Stanley Cup) will answer to Brian Burke.
  • How long until Calgary trades two 1sts and a 2nd for Kessel?
  • Hey Nike, stop designing hockey jerseys, ok? Please?
  • They might be ugly, but you better believe I'm getting me a navy Kessel Team USA jersey.
  • Oh, I will annoy the crap out of you guys with this but all season long I'll be pushing the "Sign Kessel" movement, because let's face it, he's not staying in Toronto

Well guys, training camps open this week and soon enough we'll all be in the Game Threads yelling about the power play and what not. Isn't it great?