Department of Player Safety Does Not Suspend Tom Wilson, Fines Him Maximum Allowed By CBA

The Washington forward will definitely learn his lesson this time

Last night Tom Wilson again proved why he does not belong in the NHL after he attacked a defenseless Pavel Buchnevich and later drove Artemiy Panarin to the ice by his hair.

The Washington Capitals forward, a player that the Department of Player Safety probably has on speed-dial by now, received a right and proper punishment for trying to concuss two opposing forwards by serving a whopping 14 minutes in penalties (four for roughing and a ten minute misconduct). After serving his well-earned time, a duly chastised Wilson came back in the 3rd period to score an empty net goal.

This morning, the Department of Player’s Safety decided that Wilson might have crossed a line or two last night and determined that he needed some supplemental punishment. As a recent multiple time offender, it was possible that Wilson was facing a hefty suspension, possibly reaching into the playoffs.

Oh. $5,000,  the maximum allowable under the CBA. Tom Wilson was fined 12% of his salary for driving Buchnevich to the ice and punching him in the back of the head. That’s it. As for throwing Panarin to the ice? Oh, the NHL saw that as just “boys being boys”.

What a wonderful league. Tom Wilson will most likely be in the lineup on Wednesday while it is being reported that Artemiy Panarin will miss the rest of the New York Rangers’ season.

Good job, good effort all around.