Rangers vs. Coyotes: The Henrik Lundqvist Show Comes to Glendale

Henrik Lundqvist is a one man band with a residency at MSG, but Saturday he took his show on the road.

  • Henrik Lundqvist picked up two points for the New York Rangers on Saturday evening against the 10-27-6 (26 points) Arizona Coyotes. The first point was earned when the score was 1-1 after regulation. The second was earned when Lundqvist stopped three shots in the shootout and when Mika Zibanejad was the lone player to find the back of the net. Lundqvist made 38 saves on the evening and continued an impressive streak of posting a save percentage of over .900./
  • Not that anyone is keeping score at home but, this was the second time in nearly a week that the Rangers were taken to overtime by one of the worst teams in the league. The other was when the No. 30 overall Buffalo Sabres, who are currently 10-22-9 (29 points), forced overtime vs. the Rangers in the Winter Classic.
  • Make no mistake, Saturday night was another rendition of the Henrik Lundqvist show, an act that has played at Madison Square Garden more than Billy Joel and Elton John combined, and one day that will be reflected by a banner up in the rafters.
  • You may have missed the game, which is fine considering Saturday nights are meant to relax, and watching the Rangers has been stressful lately.
  • I can confidently say that the below GIFS will give you pretty much what you need to know about the game./
  • Henrik was very vocal tonight, and here’s one moment when him and J.T. Miller were going back and forth./
  • He also exchanged some words with Antti Raanta briefly. I can only imagine what the former Ranger goaltender had to say. Maybe something like, “hey Hank, how’s your back after carrying this team?” Hank probably channeled his inner Danny Glover by replying, “I’m getting too old for this $h!t.”/
  • Then there was overtime.../
  • This resulted in a power play for the Coyotes and things got so bad that Hank took it upon himself to stop the nonsense./
  • This GIF really sums up the Rangers night perfectly. It was a classic Hank move of saying “f*#! it, I guess this is just another thing I have to do.” If this play alone doesn’t get him the “Montefiore Doing More Player of the Week” then I give up. What followed was the shootout, and for the umpteenth time of the night, Hank shut the door./
  • The Rangers play the Vegas Golden Knights tonight at 9:30 p.m. on MSG+./