NHL Trade Deadline 2011: Brad Richards Plot Thickening

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Lots of chatter going on concerning Brad Richards this morning.

In today's NY Post, Larry Brooks writes there is a new asking price from Joe Nieuwendyk for Brad Richards in Artem Anisimov, a top prospect and a first round pick.

Darren Dreger tweets about Richards:

Plot thickens. If you're wondering if Brad Richards is willing to waive his no move clause? Yes, but only one team.

a good guess on which team Richards would waive to join....NYR.

Sportsnet's Mike Brophy

sportsnetbroph: Being told by Dallas source if Richards leaves Stars, he wants to play with Rangers.

All of this sets up for an interesting stare down between Sather and Nieuwendyk.  For me if it is clear that Richards will only waive to come here you go low on your offer as you have all the leverage.  I would offer Grachev, Gilroy and a 1.

Let's try and avoid all the Fan Posts and Fan Shots about trades, so we can keep all the information to the threads.

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