NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread: Part 3

4:05- Calgary Flames acquire: Steve Staois

Edmonton Oilers acquire: Aaron Johnson and a third rounder

3:30- Anaheim Ducks acquire: Lubomir Visnovsky

Edmonton Oilers acquire: Ryan Whitney

3:20- Larry Brooks confirms that the New York Rangers have not made any NHL moves. Looks like they are done.

3:15- Toronto Maple Leafs acquire: 2011 7th Rounder

Anaheim Ducks acquire: Joey MacDonald

3:09- Washington Capitals acquire: Joe Corvo

Carolina Hurricanes acquire: Brian Pothier and Oskar Osala

3:06- Phoenix Coyotes acquire: Lee Stepniak

Toronto Maple Leafs acquire: 4th and 7th rounders

Big day for the 'Yotes!

It is Officially 3 p.m. but more deals will probably be announced over the next hour.


2:56- Washington Capitals (re)acquire: Milan Jurcina

Columbus Blue Jackets acquire: TBA

Trade him in December, but then go back and reacquire him in March. Odd.

2:40- Atlanta Thrashers acquire: Clarke MacArthur

Buffalo Sabres acquire: 3rd and 4rd draft pick (date TBD)

Just over ten minutes left, but remember, many deals are announced after 3 pm.

2:27- Buffalo Sabres acquire: Raffi Torres

Columbus Blue Jackets acquire: Nathan Paetsch and a 2nd round pick (date TBD)

Final 30 minutes here. Home stretch it is for Sather. He's gonna make a move.

2:03- Anaheim Ducks acquire: Curtis McElhinney

Calgary Flames acquire: Vesa Toskala

Well the Toskala experiment in Anaheim lasted long ...

1:47- Washington Capitals acquire: Eric Belanger

Minnisota Wild acquire: A 2nd round pick (date TBD)

You guys have been simply awesome. So awesome in fact, that the last thread was lagging from all the comments. Use this as your third, and final (maybe) open thread for this trade deadline. Remember it's official over at 3, but the deals only have to be finalized by then, so deals can be announced after 3. I will keep updating this with trades.