NHL Trade Deadline: Who Do You Want At The Deadline?

With the NHL trade deadline rapidly approaching we've talked about Rick Nash about the potential opportunity for him to get traded to the New York Rangers.

But enough about Nash (maybe) for right now. The main question I want to ask all of you guys on this lazy Saturday is which player do you think the Rangers should target at the deadline? You could even generalize the answer with what the Rangers need to address at the deadline.

Maybe you think the Rangers need some help on the power play. Maybe you think the Rangers just need more offense or a huge shot from the point. Maybe just a veteran presence for the team?

You don't necessarily need to go into details about what it will cost (although take that into consideration when naming guys like Shea Weber and Nash), but keep in mind which players are elite and which won't be too expensive.

So go ahead guys, the floor is yours.