NHL Trade Rumors: New York Rangers Considered Front Runners For Rick Nash

Funny seeing a Rick Nash article again isn't it? Well we have some more news to passing along regarding the Rangers and the Rick Nash sweepstakes. About an hour ago, Darren Dreger reported that he still believes that the Rangers are the front runners to acquire Rick Nash.

He also states that he believes the Flyers are currently out of the race with the current asking price. But in all honesty, who is still in the race at that asking price? I sure hope Sather is working some sort of master plan to decrease that price drastically.

So it appears as if we're going to have an interest week ahead of us, regarding Rick Nash. But as it stands right now, there really is no way of predicting where Rick Nash is headed just yet. Basically here is another open thread for everyone to discuss their hate/love for latest Rick Nash rumors. Enjoy!