NHL Trade Rumors: Some Bantering Points

Start your day with some bantering points on the upcoming NHL Trade Deadline

- I just wanted to throw a quick note at all of you about Conor Allen. I haven't seen him play much and the people that I've spoken to about him really can't comment because they haven't either, but the prognoses from pretty much everyone I've spoken to is the kid has really, really good vision on the ice. His point totals might not blow you away, but he was very good this year for a very bad team in one of the best conferences in the NCAA. That has to count for something.

- I love these type of pickups, too. I really do. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't. But players like Allen are becoming more and more important to a team's farm system. Check out this article from CBS sports about this. My big takeaway from the article is this:

Of those 301 former college players in 2011-12, 84 were undrafted free agents. Notable undrafted former collegians include Conacher's Tampa Bay teammate Martin St. Louis, San Jose Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle (Miami University), Boston Bruin Rich Peverley (St. Lawrence), L.A. King Dustin Penner (Maine) and Pittsburgh Penguin Chris Kunitz (Ferris State) just to name a few.

Just saying, you never know what you'll find. More often than not, these guys are worth the risk simply because you're not giving up any assets to get them.

- I've seen some speculation from fans (repeat: from fans) that Marian Gaborik is going to be scratched in favor of Mats Zuccarello. My answer to that? No way. The only way the Rangers are scratching Gaborik is if they are absolutely trading him at the deadline. There's no way I think the Rangers are going into the trading deadline with that mindset. Gaborik has to get a worthwhile return, and that's not going to happen if the Rangers are TRYING to trade him at the deadline.

- Now, if the right deal comes along, that's a different story. But I doubt the right deal comes along before Wednesday. Honestly? I think the Rangers keep him for this run they're trying to make, and then dangle him again at the draft. Everyone is a buyer of some sort at the draft, and he'll fetch a much bigger return. Maybe the Rangers will even be able to pry themselves into the first round.

- The Rangers are dangerously close to the 50-contract limit each team must abide by. Allen doesn't count until next year, and if my math is correct that leaves the Rangers with 49 contracts this year. So while I don't expect the Rangers to make any big moves at the deadline, they might look for a deal that helps alleviate that issue.

- I do think Brian Boyle might be a trade target from a couple of teams, and I would have to imagine the Rangers would be willing to listen if a team wanted to talk. What could he bring back, though? Not much.

- Same goes for Taylor Pyatt in my opinion.