NHL Trade Rumors: Rangers Among Five Teams On Rick Nash's Approval List

Over the last few days, NHL fans around the glove have been on trade watch for the recently available Rick Nash. Yesterday, Joe posted up that the reported cost to acquire Rick Nash would cost the Rangers way too much.

However, as of yesterday afternoon, news spread that the New York Rangers were one of the five teams listed on Rick Nash's "approved" list of teams he would like to be dealt to. If I am the Rangers as of right now, I would not even consider taking the deal as it is presented right now.

But like most deals, the closer we come to the Trade Deadline, the price seems to drop as teams get desperate. If the price does end up coming down, I'd expect Sather to kick the tires once again, but not pull the trigger on anything right away. The next couple days should be very interesting as we start to approach the deadline.

If the price comes down quite a bit, would you guys re-consider dealing for Nash?