Notes From The New York Rangers' Win Over The Philadelphia Flyers

- I love this team. I think that's an important thing to say. I love the way they play, how they seem like more of a family than a team and their attitudes. It has turned into the best season I can remember (I was five when they won the cup) which makes them having home ice advantage that much more exciting.

- I really, really, really hope Henrik Lundqvist is fine. According to the media he was smiling after the game and he obviously finished the third period. Still, if he plays a second of the Rangers' final two games I would be absolutely mystified.

- I thought Tuesday's game against the Philadelphia Flyers was Carl Hagelin's best game in a few weeks. He used his speed, made a few critical plays early and was pretty much a factor every time he touched the ice. I love when he plays well against physical opponents because it continues to prove that he has talent and can be successful against any team despite his size.

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- Marian Gaborik and Brad Richardshave both found a new level to their respective games the past couple of months. Both have been spectacular, and it showed again last night. Gaborik had a brilliant snipe and added an assist, which Richards had two assists. I've been on the "these two can be monsters if they play with each other" train since the start of the year, I'm glad they're finally clicking so I don't look as crazy.

- I hope Lundqvist is OK.

- I thought the defense played great, and I love the snarl to Ryan McDonagh's game. Add that with his goal and an assist and he had himself a great day.

- I know the Rangers allowed the Flyers to make this a game, but I just have a feeling the team mentally took a break after the first period. Got smacked around in the second period and then needed to find their game again in the third. I'm not worried. That type of stuff happens can happen at this point in the season. I can pretty much promise that you won't see anything like that in the playoffs.

- Have I mentioned I hope Henrik Lundqvist is alright?

- Loved Artem Anisimov's game Tuesday as well. I thought he was great in the defensive zone, and the move for his goal was simply spectacular.

Thoughts guys?