Now we need a race between Chris Kreider and Michael Grabner

Grabner is trying to say it's not necessary - so now, it is.

Chris Kreider is officially back with the New York Rangers. Hooray! He's regarded as one of the fastest skaters in the NHL, which is always good to have.

You know who else is one of the fastest skaters? Michael Grabner, who actually won the contest at the All-Star Game back in 2011.

So that leaves the Rangers with at least two really, really fast skaters. You know what this calls for? A race, as Twitter user Jake Gray has the right idea.

An idea so good, it caught Grabner's attention.

Boooo. That's a cop out, and he knows it. This HAS to happen now - that, or Kreider is going to be the Rangers' fastest skater by default.