NY Post: Rangers scouting Peter Forsberg in Sweden

According to today's NY Post, the Rangers are scouting former Avalanche center Peter Forsberg, who is looking for a chance to come back to the NHL. Forsberg will be playing in the Karjala Cup this weekend.

Obviously, Forsberg isn't going to play for $700K, which is about how much cap space the Rangers have to work with right now, so some major money maneuvering would have to be done.

Highlights of the article (click the link above for the whole story):

The Rangers, who go into tonight's game here against the Oilers and assistant coach Tom Renney having scored five goals while losing three of their last four in regulation, are in desperate need of a playmaking center, of that there is no question.

The questions, however, are, a) whether Forsberg is healthy enough to compete in the NHL following a series of surgeries on his right foot and ankle; and, b) whether the center has interest in coming to New York.

"Well," said Sather in response to the latter, "I'd have to say a lot of that would probably depend on money."

If Peter Forsberg proves to be healthy, would you want the Rangers to sign him?