NYRangerscast.com Interview with Artem Anisimov

Our good friends Steve and Eric at NYRangerscast.com were nice enough to share their interview with Artem Anisimov with us. If you haven't taken a look at their site, make sure you do, Steve and Eric are awesome guys, and Steve joined us on Blueshirt Banter Radio last week, and will again tomorrow night as we continue the "Blueshirt Banter Ranger No-Stars" discussion.

Q: What has this summer been like for you? What have you done and what do you plan on doing before coming back to America in September?

ANISIMOV: Before training I simply rested, hung out with my relatives and friends, and went house hunting with my girlfriend. In the beginning of June I started my training in the gym and jogged. The Rangers gave me a special training program which I am using to prepare for the season. I want to come to training camp at my maximum level of preparation.

You had a great season in the American Hockey League last year. Do you feel you are ready to make the jump to the NHL?

Last season was very successful for me. I was flattered to be invited to the all-star game. That was my first time participating in something like that. I received good experience playing North American hockey last year. I played 80 games for Hartford, scoring 81 points which, in my opinion, is a good indicator. I have been living in the U.S. for two years now and I feel that I have gained enough experience. I understand the style of North American hockey and I like it very much. I now feel I have the strength to play in the NHL.

Thanks again to Steve and Eric for sharing this, and make sure you bounce over to their site to check out the rest of the interview.