Official Blueshirt Banter Fantasy Hockey League Update

Alright guys, I've set up the parameters of the league and will run them down for you all here. I have not invited anyone into the league yet. I repeat, no one has been invited into the league yet.

The league will be a life draft, we will figure out the date as soon as everyone is invited.

The rules and regulations of the draft are below. If you aren't a fan of the rules, then see if one of the other leagues going on around the site are more suited to your style. Otherwise toss your name into the hat for this one!

Here are the rules and regulations of the league:

  • There will be a maximum of 20 teams allowed in the league. The 20 teams will be separated into four different divisions of five teams each.
  • Each team will consist of two centers, right wingers, left wingers and goalies. Each team will also have four defenseman, four bench slots and one IR slot.
  • The style of play is head-to-head, meaning you will face off against one team each week.
  • Scoring works like this: Points are awarded to your team based on 10 different categories. You will receive points based on the cumulative total of marks the members of your team hits. You will get points for goals, assists, power play points, plus/minus, penalty minutes, game winning goals, GAA, wins, save percentage and shutouts. To simplify things, here's an example: If you have more goals then your opponent, you get one point; so the goal is to win at least six of the 10 categories. Simple enough.
  • Eight of the 20 teams will make the playoffs. The winner of each division will be given a top seed; the four division winners will then be seeded 1-4 based on overall standings.
  • The bottom four playoff spots (seeds 5-8) will be seeded by overall standings.
  • There is reseeding in the playoffs.
  • There are trades, but there is a two-day period to vote them down if deemed unfair by the league.