One last update on the Gomez story (for now)

Earlier today (although now it seems like 4 days ago) I posted a quote from John Tortorella about "soft players". As I said earlier tonight on SBNation Hockey Live (you can click the link and hear the whole show and my comments), and told Rob, I have to think now that Torts was referring to Scott Gomez, and maybe others as well. Steve Zipay may be confirming this for me here:

"Don't be so sure that the burdensome contract---with a limited no-trade clause--- was the sole reason Gomer was shipped out to Montreal. He and coach John Tortorella---who made it clear Monday that the some partying Rangers need a lifestyle transplant----had several one-on-one huddles in practices and in the final weeks of his worst season points-wise, his presence in the post-game locker room was scarce."

When a coach makes a comment like that, and then 24 hours later a premier player on the team is traded, I think it's pretty easy to figure out.