Open Game Thread: Rangers vs. Hurricanes

Are the Rangers able to play more than one decent period of hockey this week? Tune in and see at 1 pm, when they host the Canes at home. Try to forget the cringe-inducing performances from basically everyone on Thursday, because here’s what we have to look forward to:

  1. Kevin Klein is back! I’m sure it will be fine. Adam Clendening had some nice clean zone exits and a beautiful assist in the 7 seconds he put in on the power play up in Buffalo, but I’m sure he did some terrible things that we don’t know about and thus AV is totally justified sending him back to the press box.
  2. Staals are brothers! (Drink.)
  3. I’ve always been Team Nash, but Mad Fast Nash is my new favorite thing. Prediction: If two former Rangers score for the Canes and the D continues to flail, Nash will carry that puck end to end, into the net, through the boards, and into the lobby of that crappy hotel across 7th Avenue.
  4. The Captain finally scored, so here’s looking at you, Skjei kid (taps foot, checks watch).
  5. Jimmy Vesey is probably all kinds of pissed about that whole Eichel Eichel All Game thing up north. Win or lose, my favorite #bust will come out of this game with at least 4 points.

Lines haven’t been released yet, but prepare for some tinkering in response to Thursday’s loss, which clearly happened because line numbers didn’t add up to multiples of pi or something. ENJOY!