Open Thread for Stanley Cup Playoffs 5/5

Enjoy Sunday's Playoff Hockey. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Islanders. Series 1-1.

Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild, series 2-0.

Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators, series 1-1.

Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks, series 0-2.

Apologies for the thread not being up before the Isles and Pens game, got tied up with some other stuff. Enjoy Sunday's playoff hockey guys and girls.

LGR. Let's go Playoffs. Believe.

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Note: I just used the image I used for this thread because it is funny. I and other Banter writers don't necessarily think that Torts is either a clown or should be fired. But if he is actually a clown and he's had the kind of success where he can coach a professional hockey team he should be celebrated and congratulated. Normally clowns are kind of awful and scary. At least to me they are.