Perspective: Rangers clipped 2-1 by Kings

What I watched tonight entertained me. Granted, the Rangers were beat on plays that could have been stopped; but at the same time both Los Angeles Kings goals could and should be on TSN's top 10 later. It's late, and although I'm in college I have an exam tomorrow that needs my attention; I'm going to pump out as many thoughts on the game as I can. As for a quick recap of the game, I would say it was a wide-open game. The Refs stayed out of the way and let the two teams play. It was a back and forth game with both teams pressuring and creating chances, but in the end I would say the Kings capitalized. Onto some thoughts:

Note 1: I'm gonna start with Jokinen - then you can stop reading

  • Let's just over-analyze one game with Olli "the Sex Panther" Jokinen (per Matchsticks and Gasoline). I thought it was a little disappointing in the end. He was all over the ice, but it seemed like everyone was looking for him and the Kings just shut him down. I still don't think he should be on a line with Gaborik so that teams have to spread their defense a little when they play the Rangers. Jokinen needs to play against 2nd and 3rd lines, not top-line matchups. He needs players that are worried about defense, because Jokinen's defense isn't something to brag about. That's the end of the rant, still need to see him on the 2nd line.
  • If I'm John Tortorella, I am trying to keep the mood up. Pressure was applied and kept for periods of time, and in the end Henrik Lundqvist had another great game. Tortorella mentioned today on the interview that the team was focusing on their defensive game in order to create pressure. Chances are created out of pressure more times than not; so just keep working.
  • Let's not forget to mention that L.A. is on a seven (7 - for those of you still awake) game win streak; five (5) of them coming on the road. The team is cookin' and Kovy might be headed their way. Get out while you still can Rangers.
  • Curtain call for Henrik Lundqvist. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he just takes Sweden back to the finals. All I hope is that he plays team USA in the final and Drury scores on him off a one-timer from Callahan upstairs. He is unbeatable with everything but the glove. Cut out the odd-man rushes, NYR.
  • As I'm always hinting let's keep one eye on the future and take a look ahead on the calendar. Capitals at Rangers Thursday night. The Caps beat the Bruins tonight 4-1 for their ELEVENTH (11) straight win. Should the Rangers forfeit now or give it one more try as the under-dog? Let's see what this team is made of on Thursday. Note 2: I'll be in class, taking an exam. Lovely.

In the end, February should end up going like this: should have been better, could have been a lot worse. Time will only tell. Great game to watch if you're a hockey fan.