Phoenix Coyotes at New York Rangers: Open Game Thread

One of the keys of transitioning from a good or decent team to a very good team is not only how you compete against the class of the NHL, but how you maintain your intensity after big wins like the ones against the Capitals and Penguins against teams like the Phoenix Coyotes.

Not to say the Coyotes are a bad team, but obviously this game doesn't have the hype factor of a game against Washington or Pittsburgh. Plus, with Philly looming on Saturday, it is important for the Rangers not to look past the Desert Dogs.

For all the latest on the Phoenix (soon to be Arizona?) Coyotes, check out Five For Howling. Travis does a fantastic job over there, and appeared on our radio show when we did the live remote from Phoenix last season.

Speaking of the radio show, I'll bet you've been wondering where its been. Well because of the Rangers schedule and my unavailability Tuesday night, Blueshirt Banter Radio will return tomorrow night at 8 PM.

Have at it.

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