PK Subban: The New Age of Punk

Now we know why Mike Richards was so heated in a post game interview this past November after a game with the Canadiens.

PK Subban is a punk.

After a heated exchange on the ice, Richards called Subban "cocky" in his post game interview saying "its frusterating to see a young guy like that come into the league and think he's better than a lot of people". Richards went on to say that Subban hadn't "earned respect" amongst his NHL brethren.

A week later Zach Bogosian had his own brush up with Subban in which he all but had to hold his hand and walk him across the street to get him to drop the gloves. After the game, the Thrashers defenseman's unwillingness to comment spoke volumes:

"Everyone knows who he is, his act. That's all I'm going to leave it at. I'm not going to sit here and be a tough guy in the media. What happens on the ice stays on the ice."

Fast forward two months and Subban was at it again, this time at MSG where he clipped Marc Staal in his face (no call) and blatantly slew footed Brandon Dubinsky within a pee-wee's hockey stick distance from a referee (no call). It's one thing to be cocky about your ability to succeed, it's another to play recklessly in a manner that shows a complete lack of respect for your counterpart. The fact that both acts went unpunished aside (the extra power plays likely wouldn't have made a difference the way the Rangers were playing) Subban is lucky that Dubinsky's too classy to take a cheap run at him the next time they were on the ice. He's lucky that it was the dying minutes of a game the Rangers were losing 2-1.

A slew foot is a cowardly move and Subban should know that just because Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin have made it vogue doesn't mean it's good hockey.

Just like Matt Cooke had his coming - and got it courtesy of Evander Kane - PK Subban has his coming.

Don Cherry is right, "somebody is going to get him". That somebody very well be Dubinsky as the Rangers head to Montreal this upcoming Saturday.