Preseason Game Thread: 10/3 Rangers at Flyers

It's time to get a look at the Orange and Black.

Henrik Lundqvist and Mackenzie Skapski will split tonight's game for the Rangers.

Mercifully they will not be asked to face the Flyers on their own. They will have friends who are robust young men from across the globe. Here are the projected goalie friends, in groups of three and two, for tonight's game:



I'm not sure who the Philadelphia Flyers have in the lineup tonight. Chances are strong that it will be mostly men from cold weather climates in North America. These men will undoubtedly have experience with ice skating. Some may or may not have basic knowledge of botany, but there is very little chance they will have an opportunity to demonstrate any education (formal or otherwise) they have regarding fauna.

Philadelphia is home to our nation's first zoo, hospital, and medical school. Wisely, they were not all in the same building. Though we will never know what contributions to science the noble porcupine could have made in the late 1700s. Some years after the zoo was made the Philadelphia Flyers came into existence. And here we are.

Enjoy the game. Let's go Rangers.