Questions Should Be Answered Now That Alain Vigneault Is On Board

Expect some questions to start being answered.

The New York Rangers answered their biggest offseason question when they hired Alain Vigneault (still not officially, but expect the announcement sooner rather than later).

Now the focus turns towards the other issues. The assistant coaches. Mike Sullivan. Brad Richards. The RFAs and then finally to the UFA and trade market. Those questions have yet to be answered, but with a new coach on board we should see the Rangers start to make some moves.

For starters, I think Sullivan is a dead man walking. Not only because of the power play issues (of which he was responsable) but also because of his tight relationship with John Tortorella and because Vigneault will want to bring in his own staff I'm sure.

There have been some rumblings on this site that the Rangers were looking into trying to bring in Los Angeles Kings assistant John Stevens on as an assistant as well. I'm not sure if that's accurate -- although why interview him with Vigneault seemingly so close? -- but do expect Vigneault (once officially hired) to start making staffing decisions.

Richards is another matter entirely, and while we're going to go in more detail there later (seriously, far more detail) it's worth nothing that most of the beat reporters have changed their tune on Richards being bough out since Vigneault was hired. Just something to keep in mind.

But the other personell decisions will probably start rolling in. Vigneault has probably already given Glen Sather a vision of his system and the type of players he thinks will fit. So expect the Rangers to take a look at their free agents and see who to keep and who to drop. The brass will also probably scout the free agent market to see if anyone fits (doubtful).

The Rangers have their coach. They have their system. Now it's time to answer their questions.