Random Thoughts About The New York Rangers First Round Series So Far

I have been abnormally quiet so far in terms of analyzing the series, I know, but I am back and I have a lot to say. I wrote earlier about the Rangers needing to step it up, so after ripping the team, I feel it is only fair to give the entire picture as well.

Here are some random thoughts about the series as a whole.

-Brian Boyle has been absolutely outstanding. If the Rangers win the series, he deserves a gift basket from every single player and coach on the team.

-The defense does not seem to have a weak link this series. At no point do I remember saying "____ defenseman needs to step it up." That's a positive.

-Brad Richards has been seemingly invisible the last few games, anyone else notice that?

-When Carl Hagelin returns, I truly feel that Brandon Dubinsky should be scratched in favor of Chris Kreider. I know Kreider is only a rookie playing in his first few games, but that's how bad Dubinsky has been.

-What a snipe by Kyle Turris to end game four. Nothing the King could do about that one.

-The powerplay started off amazing in game four, then it was the worst all season. The Rangers need to watch their first two powerplay goals over and over again until they realize they can only score by shooting the puck.

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-Hagelin's return could easily be the difference maker this series. It will allow Kreider to move to a different line and provide a spark for that line, while giving Brad Richards and

Marian Gaborik

their line buddy back.-Yes, I just said line buddy.

-Marc Staal looked like the Marc Staal of old in game four. That's huge.

-One positive to remember is the Rangers almost won game four while being outplayed for almost the entire game. if the Rangers can keep up or outplay the Senators they will almost certainly win the series.

-My final prediction is Rangers in 7. Hate to say it, but nothing will surprise me at this point.

Let's go Rangers!