Rangers Analysis: 22nd?

You guys know by now that I very rarely take another writer to task, but I think this time it's warranted.

TSN has been doing a segment they call "30 teams in 30 days" from the worst team in the league to the best.

Today they've announced our New York Rangers as the 22nd best team in the league.

What Scott Cullen of TSN is saying is that at the very least, the Florida Panthers, Buffalo Sabres, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, Edmonton Oilers, and Dallas Stars are all better than the Rangers. All seven of those teams I just mentioned have one thing in common: they all missed the playoffs last year.

You want to tell me half of those teams are better than the Rangers, fine. But all seven?

Some nuggets from the preview:

If Gaborik is able to stay healthy, the Rangers will need a great deal of scoring support wherever they can get it.  Unfortunately for the team, their most likely source of offense remains unsigned at the time of publication.

Brandon Dubinsky is the Rangers "most likely source of offense"? If that's true, in the words of the immortal C3PO, "we're doomed!"

I guess Ryan Callahan, Ales Kotalik, Chris Higgins, Chris Drury, and Vinny Prospal are just going to sit this one out and let Dubinsky carry them.

On Sean Avery:

While 'The Mouth' can be an extremely effective player on the ice, he can also wear out his welcome with teammates, coaches, management and fans very quickly.

First of all, I've never heard anyone call Avery "The Mouth", we all know there is only one "The Mouth". Second of all, when has he worn out his welcome with Ranger fans? Ranger fans love Avery.

Avery was on his best behaviour in his return engagement on Broadway, but can only remain silent for so long. A leopard can't change its spots and Avery's history is well documented.

Absolutely right, no professional athlete has ever acted poorly early in his career and learned from his mistakes. It's never happened, ever.

Ryan Callahan is not mentioned in this story, nor is Henrik Lundqvist, who just happens to be one of the best goalies in hockey.

Am I just an optimist, or are we really this bad? I don't think they are a Cup contender, but I certainly think they are better than a bottom third team.

We will be discussing this on Blueshirt Banter Radio tonight at 7 PM, and don't forget Jess from The Prospect Park will be joining us as well.

Is TSN accurate in rating the Rangers 22nd in the NHL?

Yes, unfortunately they are right on the money26
No way, TSN must be out of their minds!340