Rangers Analysis: Midterm Grades

Since we are at the midway point of the season it’s time to do midterm grades! Let’s get started.

Marian Gaborik: (A+) Can’t give the guy enough credit for everything he does for this team, both offensively and defensively. Without him we have 6 wins.

Vinny Prospal: (A) His injury really hurts this team, which means that he does his job when he is on the ice. Although you would love to see more goal production (only 8 so far) out of him we need to take what we can get. Plus his vision is simply top notch.

Marc Staal: (B+) Shaky start to the year but has really transformed back into the Staal we all know and love. Is most definitely the best defensive defenseman on the team and is once again a steady force on the back end.

Henrik Lundqvist: (B+) If it weren’t for a poor November he would easily have an A+, regardless he has found his game again and is one of the only reasons why the Rangers are as good as they are.

Michael Del Zotto: (B) By far the most physical defenseman on the team and is far and away the biggest surprise of the season. Can’t say enough about the way he runs this power play and his play five on five. His numbers are slightly misleading simply because many of his brilliant passes are not converted. He could easily have 25-30 assists right now.

Ryan Callahan: (B) Finally started to find his scoring touch, but regardless he is one hell of an asset. His heart is unquestioned and his play is pretty much where we stacked him up to be (a 20 goal scorer).

Brandon Dubinsky: (B) After returning from his injury he has played like a man possessed notching 4 goals and 4 assists in 10 games. His return has rejuvenated this line-up (hey points in 7 of 8 games aint bad) and has helped the Rangers nab a few wins in a row.

Dan Girardi: (B) There has been a lot of talk of this being Girardi’s last year but to be honest I love what I have seen out of him this year (excluding the first quarter of the season of course). He plays hard, has a nice shot, and has been solid on defense. Solid B for him here.

Artem Anisimov/Enver Lisin: (B) This grade would be higher if they played more. Currently neither of them are seeing quality minutes even though when they do play they play their hearts out. I wish I could give them a higher grade but they haven’t played enough to get it.

Matt Gilroy: (C+) Although I do love Gilroy and I think that he brings a lot to the table he has been pretty invisible since his return from Hartford. His defense has been okay though and while his offense isn’t there you expect it to come along soon enough.

Sean Avery: (C) While he is one of the only sparks on this Rangers team it does go by a game by game basis. He is in no way having the same effect on this team as he did in 2007. He will throw the occasional hit and get under the opponents skin sometimes but he has not been as effective as we are used to in the past (and I'm not just taking about offensive production).

Wade Redden: (C-) Yeah he is playing okay defense but he has been useless offensively has slipped back into his "invisible except when he makes a mistake" mode. I know he will never live up to his 6.5 million dollar contract but I do expect him to play better than he has.

Brian Boyle: (C-) He has played pretty good defense and drops the gloves every now and then but I do expect more than two goals out of him.

Chris Drury: (C-) Drury is here because, once again, he is meant to be a (20) goal scorer on this team. This team lacks leadership and goals and Drury is supposed to bring both to the table. Let’s just say he hasn’t thus far. But still his penalty killing is top notch and his defence is good.

Ales Kotalik: (D) Aside from his power play prowess (which we have seen none of the past two months) he brings very little to the table. At least we only have him for 3 years with a semi-no trade clause!

Aaron Voros: (D) Hasn’t played enough to fail but I don’t understand how he is still on this team.

Michael Rozsival: (D) Yes he has played better than the first half of the season. And there was even a period of about 7 games or so when he played great, but again I expect more from him.

Christopher Higgins: (F) Sorry boys but I’m sick of "doing the little things right." He was brought here to score goals and he hasn’t. At the end of the day it wouldn’t be as bothersome if he didn’t have so many chances. He is costing the Rangers games with his misses and I’m getting tired of it.

Donald Brashear: (F) What a waste of 1.4 million dollars.

Erik Christensen: (N/A) Haven’t seen enough out of him but I like what I have seen thus far.

All backup goaltenders are N/A because they have not played.

John Tortorella: (C) While this season isn't compleatley his fault this team has come out flat too many times. Isn't he the kind of coach that deters that? Also how about giving Anisimov and Lisin more power play minutes and cranking down Higgins and Kotalik?

Glen Sather: (D) Would have been an F but he hasn't traded and picks or prospects yet. Still he needs to do something before this season gets truly out of control.