Rangers Analysis: Missing The Playoffs Would Hurt

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. I have been one of the people here who as deemed that making the playoffs would be "useless" and that the Rangers would be better off golfing than getting crushed in the playoffs. But on NHL.com today they ran an ad, that really touched me (as a Ranger fan) right down to my very soul. Take a look:

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Pay special attention to Mark Messier "giving the cup back," he looks so sad. The picture looks so empty. I wouldn't have been woken up at 3 in the morning by my father to tell me what had happened. I wouldn't have gotten the Rangers video montage of the 1994 playoffs for my birthday, and I sure as hell wouldn't have watched that tape the ten-thousand times that I did.

So the Rangers are in the middle of fighting for their playoff lives, as we the fans sit and wait for something to happen. Every one here understands that if the Rangers do make the playoffs they would go up against Washington or Pittsburgh (or even in a best case scenario Buffalo) and be a serious underdog. But you know what? So what? Who cares?

While I don't support the idea that the Rang are actual cup contenders I do support that idea that upsets are capable. "That's why you play the game," or "any given Sunday," are some of the more famous sports clichés. Anything can happen, if you just believe.

Unfortunately the Rangers haven't exactly given us much to believe in. But for right now (since if they lose to the Islanders one would have to assume that it's over) I have faith in this "mis-matched and patch-worked" team. I have hope that my boys can go out there, make the playoffs, and maybe shock someone.

Thats right I'm drinking the Cool Aid! And while I might regret it later, for now it's the right thing to do. And yes, I understand that I have flipped on this idea multiple times, but you know what? Everyone does. At least I'm man enough to admit it. So bust through that wall Cool Aid man and fill my glass! (Unless we lose tonight.)