Rangers Analysis: Wade Redden To Actually be Waived?

A bit time stick salute here to BronxBeliever who brought up the possibility of this being in a Newsday article. After his fanpost said he thought he saw something on Wade Redden being waived, I went and did some digging. And I found something amazing.

Arthur Staple wrote this article, talking about whether or not Glen Sather will finally retire his itchy trigger finger. But towards the end of the article Staple writes this:

There is more room on defense, where Wade Redden is almost certain to be waived and sent to Hartford when training camp ends. "He's been discussed," Sather said.

Take a moment to take that in. Now I don't know how reliable Staple would be on this matter. I don't know how much he knows on the matter either, but Sather doesn't exactly seem to be denouncing sending him down with the "he's been discussed" quote.

You can take this with a grain of salt, I certainly do as well, but Staple is someone who might know something on the situation. He does work alongside Steve Zipay, who is the beat reporter for the Rangers with Newsday, and he does often come up with some "inside information."

This is from a guy who writes for Newsday, remember, which is owned by the Dolan's and Cablevision. Like Staple or hate him, this is information he would be able to obtain; and he certainly wouldn't just spew that little quote out there for no reason at all. Especially since the Redden signing is an embarrassment to this team, and making a statement like this could make Newsday look very, very bad. So this holds some weight with me, even though I'm not believing in miracles just yet.

What are your thoughts on this guys?