Rangers Analysis: What if Redden Played Well?

Just something quick for you hockey deprived Ranger fans to discuss on this beautiful Sunday. Our good friend Larry Brooks updated his Slap Shots blog this morning - which means controversy galore - and of course presented readers with a thought provoking situation. I quoted portions of his story below.

There's no doubt the plan calls for Redden to be waived at some point during camp so his $6.5 million albatross of a cap hit can be removed from the ledger when the season commences, no doubt whatsoever.

And what if Redden, who knows his NHL career is on the line here, who knows that if he is waived through the league in September he will never get back, what if Redden plays assertive, sharp hockey beginning with the first scrimmage and maintains his level? What if Redden outplays just about every defenseman in camp?

Then the Rangers will be in a state of severe stress. Then, incorporating that $6.5 million onto the season cap would mean that Sather would have to slash the roster in order to leave enough space to match on Staal, who at that point would become a very inviting target for an offer sheet.

Read Brooks' full piece here

The chances off Redden coming out and impressing the coaching staff as Larry suggests in his hypothetical situation, I think, are quite slim. Although you never know what an athlete can pull out of his magical hat when he is aware his career is on very thin ice.

With that being said, if Redden did happen to surprise and was one of the top defensemen in camp, the Rangers will be in a large hole. GM Glen Sather has built the team this summer around the fact that Redden and his $6.5 million cap hit will be waived and buried in Hartford. But if he happens to make a case to stay in the lineup, Slats will be forced to do some serious salary cutting. That means Gilroy will not make the team, McDonagh will not make the team. It would be a mess to say the least.

What are your thoughts?