Rangers Analysis: Who has disappointed you so far?

Don't blink. Just about a week ago the New York Rangers were the hottest team in the league, winning 7 in a row against some very tough opponents. Currently the Rangers have dropped two in a row, both in pretty bad fashion.

Now I know you guys, hey I have been writing here for almost a year, and I know this dam is going to burst eventually so let me start it. Through these ten games we have seen some big surprises, no one is debating that. Michael Del Zotto (4 goals 5 assists 10 games), Ales Kotalik (4 goals 6 assists 10 games) and Vaclav Prospal (3 goals 9 assists 10 games) have all been shockers thus far. Marian Gaborik has come as advertised with 7 goals and 6 assists and Henrik Lundqvist has just been, well, Henrik Lundqvist.

Now winning streaks can be a really good thing but sometimes they mask some problems. And with the Rangers current two game losing streak I think we should note two of the big ones before you all rip their heads off. So click after the jump for my busts so far in this young season.

Christopher Higgins: I don't think I can tell you how excited I was when the Rangers nabbed him. He is young, he has come close to scoring 30 goals before; and after last years disappointing season he seemed poised to have a huge rebound. Well, 10 games into the season I can tell you that has not been the case. Aside from his first five games in which he played well, shot when he had the chance and worked hard on the boards he has been invisible. No goals and just two assists in 10 games is unacceptable, especially since in the beginning he was playing second line minutes and saw some power play time. He needs to start scoring, and he needs to do it soon. Higgins is among four Rangers to not score a goal yet--the other four are Donald Brashear, Aaron Voros and Michael Rozsival ... bad company to be in if you ask me.

Chris Drury: I feel like we have this conversation about Chris Drury all the time, so I swear I wont bring him up, then before you know it we're talking about him again. I can get over the 7.1 million dollar a year contract. Jim and I have been banging the "you can't do anything about the contracts so get over it" drum for a long time now. I know that Chris Drury is never going to score 37 goals again, but at that contract (and I hate saying that) you need to play better. At this point Drury is not even doing the little things right, and he has been invisible the past few games as well. Oh also the Rangers have lost every game he has scored in this year.

Onto the players that almost made the list.

Michael Rozsival: I rocked Rozsival for the entire beginning half of the season but he has bounced back and actually impressed me at times. He looks more comfortable within the system which is good.

Dan Girardi: Girardi also had a shaky start but he has bounced back to start playing solid hockey.

Wade Redden: He has been solid all year and if you can look pas his contract--which you should since the contract is not his fault--he has been good all year.

Donald Brashear: Slower than I imagined but aside from a game or two has been as advertised. A fourth liner who drops the gloves when he has to.

Aaron Voros: Haven't seen enough of him to call him a bust, but there have been a few games where he has been just awful.

Okay so there you have it, who are your busts and why? Let us know in the comments!