Rangers and Capitals Face Off For Game 6 at MSG

Once again, all the pressure is back on the Rangers. The tide has changed and tonight is basically do or die for the Blueshirts. The Rangers absolutely must close this game out today at the Garden. They do not want a Game 7 at the circus tent because at that point anything can happen and the advantage they worked so hard for will be all for nothing. The Capitals realized in Game 5 that Henrik Lundqvist is contrary to popular belief, human and prone to mistakes. If Matt Bradley can score two goals, what kind of message does that send to Alex Ovechkin? Lundqvist is more than likely going to be bombarded from all angles for the entirety of the game. With the Rangers offense as meek as it is, he's going to once again be close to perfect if not the definition of it for the Rangers to close out this series.

- John Tortorella will be watching this game on tv somewhere in the depths of the Garden. Jim Schoenfeld is a very capable coach and the Rangers will be fine in his hands. There are some out there who seemingly after less than half a season are ready to give Torts the axe which is nothing short of ridiculous. I'm sorry to say but that is unfortunately, typical NY sports fan behavior. Unbelievable.

- Torts is out and Avery is in. He responded well when the media asked him about the benching, but what remains to be seen is will Avery play with the same intensity and energy he did before he was benched. That will help to define the new 'character' of Sean Avery. I was opposed to Torts benching Avery, but then again, who knows how out of control he may have been today if he didn't. Avery more than any other player was the direct cause of the Rangers nearly losing control of the series. It was a selfish play and a benching wasn't out of the realm of possibility. Petr Sykora was scratched by the Penguins and not much of a fuss was made. The only reason Avery's benching was a big deal was because it involved Sean Avery.


There's really not much more to say. If the Rangers battle level doesn't match what they displayed in their wins, they have no shot. If Henrik Lundqvist doesn't walk the lines of perfection, the game will be too close - than it already will be- for comfort. It's do or die for the Blueshirts. Somebody needs to step up other than Lundqvist. Chris Drury, Scott Gomez, Nikky Zherdev and heaven forbid Wade Redden, now is your time.