New York Rangers Extend Chris Kreider For Seven-Years

The New York Rangers tossed out a major curve ball this afternoon as they announced a seven-year contract extension for Chris Kreider. Heading into today’s trade deadline, there was a pretty high chance that Kreider would be moving onto another organization given the large amount of interest.

However, the Rangers decided against such a move and re-upped the 28-year old power forward. The Rangers’ major sticking point was holding firm on a six-year term, but there were obviously some sacrifices on both sides to get this deal completed. What the Rangers gave up in term, Kreider equally gave up on the money side and both sides walked away happy. Kreider has emerged as one of the veteran leadership voices since the rebuild began, and he will continue to stick around for the next seven years.

There is still just over three hours remaining until the trade deadline, and the Rangers aren’t expected to remain totally quiet. Stay tuned here for any further updates as they come.