Rangers Game Thread: 10/26, Broons at Rangers


In the HBO miniseries John Adams Paul Giamatti, who would go on to play the Rhino in I-forget-which-Spiderman-movie-but-the-one-with-Jamie-Foxx, portrays our nation's second president. It was a fantastic miniseries that gave us some insight into one of the most important relationships in our nation's history: the marriage of John and Abigail Adams.

Adams was a lawyer from Boston. He was undoubtedly one of the three legs that formed the tripod that supported the giant middle finger Americans gave to England back in the day. He is the only leg of that tripod that didn't own slaves. He and his son were the only two presidents of the first twelve who didn't.

But no one watched the miniseries about him because it didn't have any naked dragon princesses or zombies in it. Anyway, I really liked it.

Where was I? Oh, right. After John Adams' death the city of Boston has given us tupperware, chocolate chip cookies, microwave ovens, Jeremy Roenick, John Tortorella and Mike Milbury. So it's been a pretty mixed bag.

Anyway, Boston also has a hockey team and the Rangers are playing them tonight at 8:00 PM because it's rivalry night. When was the last time this felt like a rivalry? The Bruins eliminated the Rangers in the 2013 Playoffs, which was the first playoff series between the team in 40 years. These two teams aren't in the same division anymore. They haven't been for a very long time.

But they are playing tonight. The Bruins are 3-3-0 this season and have won two games on the road. The Rangers won both of their games last weekend but will again be without some noteworthy players. Truly, they are players who are worthy of notes.

The puck drops sometime after Pierre McGquire yells at a player between the benches and asks him questions about where he grew up and his junior team. I'm guessing that'll be around 8:11PM. He'll probably talk to Kevin Hayes because his brother plays for the Bruins. The fact that Hayes lost an amount of weight equal to a large pug or a car tire over the summer will also be brought up, I'm sure.

David Backes had elbow surgery. So he'll be out of the lineup tonight. I'm sure there will be other players who may or may not be playing for the Bruins. Brad Marchand is still scoring like he's stuck in an NHL 1994 game. So he will be a player to watch. Also put some notes on him. But make them different colored notes from the notes that are put on players like Chris Kreider and Pavel Buchnevich who aren't playing. We'll need several different colors of notes here, gang.

Did you know that the word "Bruin" is a Dutch word? It means brown. It was the name of a bear in the 13th century fable Reynard the Fox and has been associated with burrs ever since.

There are eight species of bear. They are, for the most part, omnivorous.

Little-known-fact: polar bears actively hunt human beings. Which really sucks for us. They are almost exclusively carnivorous because there are very few jars of honey laying about in the arctic.

I really love John and Abigail Adams. And bears. But they terrify me. Anyway, enjoy the game. Let's go Rangers.