Rangers Game Thread: Rangers Vs. Jets

Please just win. Please. I'll sell Joe's organs on the black market if you give us a win.

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Eastern Standings

Boston Bruins 66 44-17-5 93
Pittsburgh Penguins 65 44-17-4 92
Toronto Maple Leafs 68 36-24-8 80
Tampa Bay Lightning 66 35-24-7 77
Montreal Canadiens 67 35-25-7 77
Columbus Blue Jackets 66 34-26-6 74
New York Rangers 67 35-28-4 74
Philadelphia Flyers 65 33-25-7 73
Detroit Red Wings 65 29-23-13 71
New Jersey Devils 66 29-24-13 71
Washington Capitals 67 30-27-10 70
Ottawa Senators 65 28-25-12 68
Carolina Hurricanes 66 29-28-9 67
New York Islanders 67 25-33-9 59
Florida Panthers 66 24-35-7 55
Buffalo Sabres 66 19-39-8 46

Two nights, two losses with one goal efforts. The Rangers need to win tonight... I don't really know what to say here other than please win. Please, please, please win.

Here we go.

Mike's Player to Watch: Martin St. Louis

That first goal has got to come at some point, why not tonight? St. Louis has been getting chances in every game that he's been a Ranger and could easily have two or three goals by now. The Rangers need to get two points tonight and the Rangers brought St. Louis in to bring their offense to the next level. Here's hoping that Marty and the Rangers can break this losing streak before it reaches three games because every game and every point is precious at this point in the season. St. Louis has 3 points in 2 games against the Jets this season.

Let's go Rangers.