Rangers News and Notes: Off Day Edition

Slow week here in Ranger land so I'll give you all some news and notes. Sorry for the late start, I had some technical problems.

I posted all of this in yesterday's post but I don't think any of you got it, so here they are again:

As per Steve Zipay Tyler Arnason was suspended by the Hartford Wolfpack. Here are some highlights from the full story:

Arnason, 30, who signed a one-year, two-way contract with the Rangers last summer and was assigned to Hartford on Sept. 17, has been suspended by the club. Have not confirmed the reason or the duration. Chris Chappell has been summoned from Charlotte.

Although Arnason really never had a shot at making the team this is still interesting. The New York Rangers have confirmed that Arnason was suspended because he signed a contract with Dynamo Riga of the KHL while still honoring his contract with the Rangers. Apparently this "Gentleman's" agreement between the KHL and the NHL to not poach other players who are under contract is going nowhere.

As per the fourth period the Florida Panthers are shopping Nathan Horton. I know that a few of you thought that he might be a good pick-up for the Rangers with all of these injuries. I would agree with that, I have always liked Horton and he puts up very good numbers for playing on a pretty bad team and he is quite young coming in at 24 years old.

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In NHL news the GM's got together and decided to keep the trapezoid in play. Here are some highlights from the full story:

The group decided not to recommend a change to the trapezoid rule that limits where goalies can play the puck behind their net.

The merits of potentially eliminating it were discussed, but didn't gain much momentum. The trapezoid rule was introduced as part of a package of changes coming out of the NHL lockout and San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson thought it was time to take a closer look at it.

"I don't think there's a great appetite to change it," said Wilson. "And I don't mind that because you've got to be conscious that when you change one thing, it could impact two or three other things. We put it on the agenda, we'd asked to talk about it, just to really spur thought."

I personally don't like the trapezoid, I think it's a pretty poor attempt to speed up the game, but alas that's why I'm not participating in those meetings.

We will have more when practice starts. Let us know what you think in the comments, especially on the Arnason situation.

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