Rangers News: Blair Betts to the Flyers? UPDATE

A potential "oh no" moment here for Ranger Nation. According to a tweet from Ran Bright (the head writer at http://philabright.com/) former Ranger Blair Betts was added to the Philadelphia Flyers training camp roster. Ryan Bright tweeted it about an hour ago.

I don't know about you but I would hate to see Blair Betts on the Flyers. Betts in my opinion is the best 4th line center in the NHL and he has the ability to make an average penalty kill core extraordinary. I know that Ranger fans really wanted him back--I was one of them--but after Sather signed Brashear it seemed that Betts was no longer in the Rangers plans.

There was word that he might find himself with Tom Renney out in Edmonton, to enter a system that plays more to his style of play. I would not have minded him going to the West but obviously that might not be the case any longer. If Betts does go to the Flyers then we will get to see him 6 times a year blocking shots, winning face-offs, playing great D and leaving his heart out on the ice after every shift. Not things I want to see from the Flyers.

Just a note I can't find anything on the Flyers website that goes along with this so I will keep you posted if I find out that this rumor is just that--and I hope it is. More when we know it.

Update by Joe Fortunato: Before we go anywhere I want to give a big stick salute to Calm Down for finding this.

Apparently the Flyers have officially announced that Betts was added to the roster, here is a highlight from the story:

Flyers add Betts to camp roster
Forward Blair Betts was added to the Flyers’ training camp roster on a pro try-out, the club announced this afternoon.
Betts, 29, is a seven-year NHL veteran with the Calgary Flames and New York Rangers. Last season with the Rangers, he had six goals and four assists for 10 points and 16 penalty minutes in 81 games.
He has been assigned uniform #11.

So there you have it, it is confirmed. I am very sorry to hear this I was a huge Betts fan and hate to see him go to the Flyers. But like Jim said time to move on ... Keep putting you're thoughts in the comments the debate has been fantastic today!