Rangers News: Drury Leaning Towards A Buyout?

After all of the insanity during and following the NHL draft, it's fitting that more news breaks right after it. If you're still annoyed with the J.T. Miller selection (you shouldn't be at all, mind you) please read my recap on why he was a great selection.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. According to a report from Larry Brooks, Chris Drury is now leaning towards accepting being bought out.

From the Brooks article:

For after Drury suggested a week ago that he was going to apply for a designation of being medically unable to play next season because of a degenerative condition in his left knee, the captain is now leaning toward accepting a buyout, according to individuals familiar with the situation.

The deadline for buyouts is Thursday, but procedure dictates a player must be placed on, and go through, unconditional waivers after official notification of the intent to buy out. The Rangers would have to place Drury on waivers no later than Tuesday in order to comply with procedures.

If Drury does indeed accept the buyout rather than file for the medical exception, the Rangers would carry approximately $3.717 million of dead cap space on his deal through the summer and next season, a saving of approximately $3.333 million. The club also would face a charge of approximately $1.667 million for 2012-13, pending a new CBA that could erase that obligation.

This news can't get much better for the New York Rangers, if it turns out to be true. Removing Drury from the off-season cap would go a long way in helping the Rangers get Artem Anisimov, Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan, Brian Boyle and Mike Sauer (all of whom were qualified yesterday) under contract.

It would also go a long way into helping the Rangers either acquire a top center via free agency (Brad Richards) or look towards trading for a top center (at this point, who knows).

Not much more analysis needed here guys. Thoughts on all this?