Rangers News: Dubinsky signs two year deal (Update)

Okay it's over, dead and forgotten (hopefully). Nice to see Brandon back, now we can get on with our lives. As per Andrew Gross tweeting:

Dubinsky's contract calls for $1.7 million this season and $2.0 the next. The Rangers finally moved up to meet his demands.

I honestly can't believe that Sather gave in, and gave Dubinsky more money than he was reportedly asking for. You know what, this whole thing has been weird, let's just forget it and move on. Stick salute to B4mv01 for breaking the story.

Update: Oh and suddenly things start coming out of the bag now that everything is all good and dandy. As per Steve Zipay:

The 23-year-old center ends his eight-day holdout with a pact beleived to be worth about $2 million. Solves a big issue for the Blueshirts. GM Glen Sather told Dubinsky that he was to skate at the training centter and be ready for practice Monday.

Dubinsky originally was seeking $16 million for four years; the Rangers one-year qualifying offer was $522,500 this summer. In this dea, Dubinsky, who as a youngster, wore Rangers jerseys thanks to his dad, who lived on Long Island.

Well now for all of yuo who played the "oh poor Dubinsky" card think again. I knew that there had to be something wrong with reports that Dubinsky only wanted 1.4 million for a year. But eaither way we can all agree a 4 year 4 million dollar deal would have been a joke. Whatever it's dead, thank God.