Rangers News: Dubinsky will miss camp opening due to contract problems

Okay I know we have all been joking about this for awhile now but things are starting to get pretty serious. Steve Zipay is reporting that Brandon Dubinsky will most likely NOT be at camp this Saturday. Here are some highlights from Zipay's story:

Talks went nowhere today, and it appears the center will keep training elsewhere without an 11th-hour breakthrough. "We met with Glen (Sather) again this morning and couldn't reach an accord," Dubinsky's agent Kurt Overhardt said a few minutes ago. "He really wants to to play, but we're in a holding pattern." Several offers were discussed today, but Overhardt said that "unless the Rangers call, it's status quo. Our expectations are not great."

Click after the jump for even worse analysis from Zipay.

As if seeing that was not bad enough here is the rest of ZIpay's article:

The tone has changed since Thursday afternoon, when Overhardt was discouraged but more positive.

Dubinsky, 23, a Group II restricted free agent, isn't happy with a reported $522,500 qualifying offer or the 1 or 2 year offers from the team. It is believed there were counteroffers made by Overhardt today. "It's unfortunate," said Overhardt, who also represents players such as Travis Zajac and Marty Turco.

In 170 games for the Rangers, Dubinsky has 27 goals and 54 assists.

The Rangers retain Dubinsky's rights, but if the impasse lingers, those rights could be traded.

Earlier today, coach John Tortorella said he wasn't sure what was happening "with the center ice situation. It won't affect us in camp." He added that he wouldn't hold any grudges.

I bolded the part that sent off the most red flags. So we should probably start with the good news which would be that Tortorella wont be upset if Dubinsky misses a few days to resolve this.

On to the bad news. Apparently talks were not as close as Dubinsky lead us on to believing a few days ago, and now not only will he not be at camp for tomorrows opening but he may not be a Ranger at all. Remember that Phil Kessel is still on the open market going through the same issues.

Regardless of where Dubinsky's rights would end up there is now a serious chance that he wont be on the Rangers for much longer. The gap between the two sides is apparently bigger than once thought and now it might come back to haunt the Rangers.

I don't know about you but this is the last thing I wanted to hear before hockey opened up. And to think that yeserday my problems were so far away. Don'tbreath yet, thoughts?