Rangers News: Gaborik likely to miss first two games for Slovokia

Some good news here from a Ranger fan perspective. NHL.com is reporting that Rangers perennial super-star Marian Gaborik will likely miss the first few games of the Olympics. Here is an excerpt from the full article:

As if Slovakia didn't have enough on its Olympic plate what with assignment to the toughest Group and a bracing opening game against arch-rival Czech Republic on Wednesday, it now appears as if goal-scoring machine Marian Gaborik won't suit up until the Saturday's round-robin finale against Latvia.

According to Slovakian team doctor Dalimir Jancovic, Gaborik still has significant weakness in his right leg and difficulty fully flexing his knee one week after a collision in practice with New York Rangers teammate Henrik Lundqvist left him with a deep skate gash to his lower thigh.

"I think he needs without training three days still," Jancovic told NHL.com.

Also don't forget that I interviwed Julie Chu (co-captain of the USA women's hockey team that is currently competing in Vancouver) last night, you can download the archived version at this link here.