Rangers News: Gaborik Update

This from Steve Zipay's blog today. Here are the highlights on Marian Gaborik's situation.

Personally, I believe the Slovakian right winger isn't playing until Sunday afternoon against Boston in the Garden, but there's a chance he'll dress in Minnesota, where he played eight years, on Friday night.

Standing in the locker room with reporters after another practice in which he did not participate ---he was receiving treatment on his right leg, possibly thigh or hamstring, the club is not disclosing---he called himself "day-to-day."

Not playing would be disappointing, Gaborik said. "We don’t play them that often. Definitely it would be something special."

He confirmed that he was still sore from a front of the net collision late in the third period against Phoenix on Monday, but would be on the plane to Minneapolis this afternoon.  The team's top scorer, with 18 points, said he initially thought the injury was more severe.

"It’s not that serious," said Gaborik, who skated another shift after the hit before shutting down.  "I thought it was going to be worse the way it felt. I have to make sure I do the right thing and treat it and take it day by day. It doesn’t feel great but it feels better."

Well, for a situation that demands constant information and updates this might not quench your thirst, but take this for what it's worth. Gaborik wants to play and is feeling better. Granted he does not feel great, but him calling himself "day-to-day" is a good sign (he is usually pretty honest with his own injures).

So take this for what it's worth. Thoughts?