Rangers News: No Lineup Changes for Tonight, Are the Rangers Serious Contenders?

According to the tweets, Sean Avery and Steve Eminger will again be in the lineup for the Rangers tonight, with Mats Zuccarello and Matt Gilroy sitting out.

Avery had a strong game against Boston, but as I said last night on the radio show, they've been the exception rather than the norm for him for most of the season, and I can't help but think his next funk is forthcoming. Yes, he's been the "good soldier" and kept quiet about his minutes or lack thereof, and I know some of the Avery fans will argue that he's "handcuffed" by the coach and afraid to take stupid penalties, but to me that's just bunk. The novelty of Sean Avery has worn off for me.

As far as the "Frodo from Modo" sitting another game, I believe the coach would say "It's part of the process", if the coach were allowed to talk to us.

Andrew Gross did a story for NorthJersey.com yesterday saying that with Henrik Lundqvist playing the way he is, that the Rangers will go into the playoffs as contenders, and not pretenders.

I agree wholeheartedly. A hot goaltender and a team that plays the style of hockey the Rangers do is a team that can succeed in the playoffs. The Rangers are going to go into the playoffs a dangerous team, and one no top seed is going to want to play. Only Boston in my opinion can make an argument for being better in goal right now.

Look back at the last twenty-five years or so of NHL history. Almost every year there is that one team who comes out of nowhere and surprises everyone. The Rangers themselves were that team in 1985-86, and we all watched in horror at what the Flyers accomplished last year. So Ranger fans and players alike should be asking themselves, "Why not us?"

Now all they have to do is get in.

Do you think the Rangers will be this year's "Dark Horse" in the playoffs?