Rangers News: Ottawa Sun says Rangers on Heatley's Wish List

As we've talked about before, Dany Heatley has a list of teams he would prefer to be traded to. According to today's Ottawa Sun, the Rangers are one of the teams on that list.

Some highlights from the story:

Senators GM Bryan Murray expects talks will heat up this week at the NHL draft in Montreal as several league sources confirmed Heatley’s agents have given the club a wishlist of up to 10 teams. But there could be some flexibility — he may agree to go somwehere not listed. Sources told Sun Media the Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins were among the teams submitted to Murray by Heatley’s agents J.P. Barry and Stacey McAlpine.

it’s believed discussions have been held with the Kings, Rangers, Sharks and Canucks. Sources say Minnesota, Colorado, Edmonton and St. Louis are taking a serious look, too.

Now we all know that salary is going to have to be moved in order to make this deal happen for the Rangers. A tall order, without a doubt, but I think just the fact that discussions may have been held is a good sign.

Also, this is from TSN:

There are teams calling the Ottawa Senators about forward Dany Heatley and general manager Bryan Murray expects talks to continue at the NHL Entry Draft this weekend.

He told reporters that there is one team getting close to an offer that would interest him, but it is not where he wants it to be at this point. While Murray knows it would be difficult to get full value for his sniper, he says the cost to another team will still be steep.