Rangers News: Rangers go to camp

We have some updates from the Rangers and from around the internet on Rangers training camp. Let's get to it:

First, from the Rangers, the training camp schedule:

New York, September 11, 2009 - The New York Rangers Training Camp will be held Saturday, September 12 - Monday, September 14 at the Madison Square Garden Training Center.

          WHAT:           New York Rangers Training Camp

WHERE:         Madison Square Garden Training Center

WHEN: Saturday, September 12

9:15AM - 10:15AM                  Group 1 On-Ice

10:30AM - 11:30AM                 Group 2 On-Ice

11:45AM - 12:45PM                 Group 3 On-Ice

1:00PM - 2:00PM                     Group 4 On-Ice

Sunday, September 13

9:30AM - 10:45AM                  Group 4 On-Ice

11:00AM - 12:15PM                 Group 3 On-Ice

12:30PM - 1:45PM                   Group 2 On-Ice

2:00PM - 3:15PM                     Group 1 On-Ice

Monday, September 14

9:00AM - 10:00AM                  Group 1/Group 4 Scrimmage

10:00AM - 11:00AM                 Group 4 On-Ice

11:00AM - 12:00PM                 Group 1 On-Ice

1:00PM - 2:00PM                     Group 2/Group 3 Scrimmage

2:00PM - 3:00PM                     Group 3 On-Ice

3:00PM - 4:00PM                     Group 2 On-Ice

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Here is the tentative schedule of events (Thanks to Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants)

Day 1 (tomorrow): meeting at 7 a.m. and then into medicals. On ice for sprint testing - three-lap sprints with the players broken into groups repeated six times with the rope (check yesterday's stories, blogs, tweets) stretched to 150 feet. Sprints should be in the 40-second range. Three-mile run in the evening except for players such as Ales Kotalik and Marian Gaborik who are being protected against potential injury such as shin splints, etc.)

Day 2 - Strength tests and then aerobic skate on ice, 15-lap skates repeated three times in groups. Each 15-lap segment should be around the four-minute mark with eight minutes of rest in between.

Day 3 - Scrimmage for about an hour.

Day 4/5 (Tuesday, Wednesday) - vs. Bruins, at Devils. (likely minimum number of NHL required veterans will play)

Day 6 - First cuts

Day 7/8 - at Detroit, Boston

Day 9 - Second cuts

I have the final training camp roster from the Rangers as well, I will have that up in a little while.

Also, John Tortorella spoke to the media today, here is some of what he had to say (From Steve Zipay at Newsday):

On Dubinsky:

If Dubinsky is not in camp tomorrow: "I can't speak for Dubi, but for us, this kind of thing happens, I'm not sure where it's gonna go. It's not like we hold grudges....that needs to play out. It will not affect our camp, we're going to go out about our business as a team."

On Gaborik and his health:

Torts said that Gaborik and a few other players will not make the 3-mile runs to limit the chances of incurring injuries, in Gabby's case, groin/hip surgery. He said like the Yankees are doing with ARod, the Rangers staff will keep in touch with his surgeon throughout the season. "We have to manage that situation," Torts said, indicating that Gaborik would likely be held out of some practices."The games are what's important," he said.