Rangers News: Rangers Unveil Third Jerseys

The New York Rangers have just unveiled their new heritage third jerseys for the 2010-11 season during the Heritage Week ceremony at Rockefeller Center, which you could have watched live online earlier. As you can see in the picture, below, the sweaters are a deeper shade of blue compared to the standard home jerseys. Also, the words "New York" run diagonally across and are printed with sort of a vintage font.

I personally love the way they look and like goaltender Henrik Lundqvist said during the ceremony, they capture the past and the present. I think it is great that on the inside of the tail of the jersey the retired numbers can be found listed horizontally. Also, "Established in 1926" is written on the inside of the collar. All of this represents the marvelous history of the franchise in many ways.

Below is a photo of the new jersey courtesy of the Rangers official website:

What are your thoughts on the new sweaters?