Rangers News: Semenov might not join the team in Pittsburgh due to contract problems (Update)

As per the tweets of Andrew gross (@agrossrecord):

Alexei Semenov did not practice today and may not accompany the #Rangers to Pittsburgh. A contract issue has arisen, according to the team.

Even if Alexei Semenov is not with team in Pittsburgh, the #Rangerswill not recall a seventh defenseman from Hartford.

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Well this certainly came out of left field. There is no word yet on what the actual problems are but I can't imagine what they are. Yesterday it was reported, again from our good friend Andrew Gross, that Semenov was pleased that this worked out. Here is a highlight from that story:

"We were talking for a couple of days, just talking about what was better for us, what was better for them," Semenov said by phone tonight. "It's a good thing that we agreed on the contract. We had a couple of more opportunities to go to but I felt like this is one of the best teams out there. I feel that Glen Sather and the head coach (John Tortorella) and the rest of management are just perfect."

After reading that it is rather astounding that there is any kind of prroblem. Obviously the team already has their top 6 with Redden, Rozsival, Gilroy, Girardi, Staal and Del Zotto (in order of salary) so Semenov is the seventh D-man anyway so this really is not a big deal. The only way that this can become a problem is if whatever the problem is removes Semenov from the team. But Tortorella is a big fan of Semenov so I can't see that being the case.

Update by Joe Fortunato: As per the tweets of Andrew Gross:

#Rangers just announced D Alexei Semenov will make the trip to Pittsburgh. Presumably, everything has been worked out.

Okay so that was quick. Nothing to see here, move along people!