Rangers News: Tortorella upset by Dubinsky's absence from camp (UPDATE: Heatley Traded to San Jose)

Well things are going from bad to worse, and fast. Yesterday John Tortorella said that he would "not hold any grudges" while Dubinsky and his agent worked out a new contract with the New York Rangers. Well that lasted all of about 10 hours. Andrew Gross from Rangers Rants is reporting that John Tortorella is upset with Dubinsky's absence from camp. Here are some highlights:

John Tortorella understands that business is business but he's having a hard time understanding why unsigned restricted free agent Brandon Dubinsky was not at the Madison Square Garden Training Center today for the start of training camp.

"It's stupid," Tortorella said. "I'm not going to put myself in the negotiations but it's stupid. He's a young man and he needs to be in camp. I'm not sure where the thinking is coming from."

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Andrew Gross continues his story with this:

Obviously, though, Tortorella believes Dubinsky is taking advice from his agent, Kurt Overhardt, who has been in town negotiating with Rangers assistant GM Cam Hope.

"I think his agent is stupid," Tortorella said. "I hope he realizes he has teammates here, too."

Tortorella said he thought Glen Sather had given Dubinsky some good advice during a sitdown meeting the other day.

"I think Dubi understands my feelings and how Glen feels about it," Tortorella said. "Glen was honest with him, as a general manager, man-to-man and as a friend. I think it's terrific what he did with the kid. It's not my decision, so we move on."

I have to be completely honest I am starting to agree with the Rangers here--at least with Tortorella. Dubinsky is not helping himself by missing the training camp. Forget the obvious conditioning he is missing but think about this team. There are four new members to the team that Dubinsky very well may find himself playing with; Gaborik, Kotalik, Prospal and Higgins. Missing an extended period of camp would be missing valuable time to get to know you're new teammatesand line-mates. Dubinsky can take the one year 550K deal and wait for arbitration next off-season to get his raise. No it's not fair but guess what? Hockey is a business and this is life.

Jim and I have come to an agreement that Dubinskyis probably on the trading block. I think that his absence from camp is just another sign that his days as a Ranger are numbered. Word is that the Rangers are kicking the tires on Heatley and Kessel--although I would have to say that a Heatley deal would be difficult with the cap situation. Then again things wont be much cheaper with Kessel.

So what do you all think?

Update by Joe Fortunato: Cross Heatley off the list, the winger is off to San Jose as per TSN. Rangers options are getting thinner.