Rangers News: Voros, Avery have conflict with Lindsay Lohan

The New York Post is reporting that Rangers forwards Sean Avery and Aaron Voros had a bit of a "run-in" with actress Lindsay Lohan, who's name is now infamous around Hollywood for her outrageous acts off camera. Well, yet again, the troubled star got into it, this time with Aaron Voros and his girlfriend, Jessica Stam, who were at a club in New York with fellow Blueshirt Sean Avery and his girlfriend. Apparently Lohan wanted to sit at a table near the DJ, which was already occupied by Avery and Voros. When they refused to move, Lohan decided to throw a drink over the head of Voros' girlfriend, and then followed that up with an embarrassing tantrum.

Voros, his girlfriend, nor Sean Avery reacted, but rather looked on in amazement, says a source of the Post. Lindsay was soon escorted out of the club and all was fine. It is likely that Lohan will deny the occurrence, but supposedly there were numerous witnesses who saw it unfold, and say that she was claiming Voros to be a former boyfriend of hers, even though Aaron stated they have never previously met.

For once, it was not Sean Avery or Voros playing the role of instigator, which is shocking.